ReGrasp - Professional System
4,500.00 € 4,500.00 € 4500.0 EUR
Includes: 6 Garments (suitable for each user's anthropometric characteristics), 6 Electrode Sets, 3 Wrist Supports, 1 Stim Controller, 1 Head Motion Sensor, 1 Charging Dock, 120/240V Power Supply with XX Plug Adapter, Documentation (User Manual, Quickstart Guide), and Warranty Card.
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10,500.00 € 10,500.00 € 10500.0 EUR
Includes: ReJoyce Arm, ReJoyce Manipulandum, Dell 24" Touch Screen Computer with ReJoyce software* pre-installed, 120/240V adapter with XX-style plug, USB cable, and Documentation (User Manual, Games Manual, Quick Start Guide).

*ReJoyce Automated Hand Function Test (RAHFT) & Interactive, Task-Specific, Game-Based Activities
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