About us

History & Culture

Company History & Evolution Timeline  


Infrastructure and process improvements
Growing our commitment to our clients and partners,  we are constantly improving our infrastructure and processes.

Research & Development 


Service design
In 2019 we focused on neuromotor rehabilitation service design. 

Service re-design
In response to the pandemic (2020), we solved neuromotor rehabilitation service design problems and implemented relevant changes. 


Extending our project-based approach
During 2017, we extended our project-based approach to private practices and smaller organizations. 

Expanding and diversifying product portfolio
In 2018, the growing needs of established and new clients resulted in further expansion and  diversification  of our portfolio. 


Our beginning
Eduthera Solutions was founded in  2015 , to introduce in the Greek and Cypriot market advanced assessment, assistive, and rehabilitation technologies for neurological conditions.

Launching new service
In 2016, we decided to launch a new service focused on the identification, evaluation, and provision of assistive technologies tailored to users’ needs, abilities, and preferences.


We love to learn, collaborate, and create!

Our culture favors flexibility over stability and prioritizes innovation, openness, diversity, and a longer-term orientation.


Our  mission  is to provide products and services that clients recommend to their family and friends, professionals prefer for their clients, organizations select for their facilities, and investors seek for their long-term returns.


Our  vision  is to be the first choice in the markets that we serve and to establish our company as a nationally recognized and valuable partner for innovative service design and development.

We deliver on our vision by striving for excellence every day and constantly seeking to improve the products and services we offer.

We believe that every individual and organization is unique, and we always aim to offer a choice that’s bespoke to our client and/or partner.

We care about our work, colleagues, clients, partners, ourselves, and the planet. We constantly strive to be helpful, kind, and inclusive in everything we do.

We communicate and work together to reach our goals, putting talent, expertise, and experience at the forefront of every area of our business. 

We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. Therefore, we are open to ideas that challenge conventional views and drive innovation.

We love trying new approaches to discover different ways of doing things. This leads to innovation and invention in our products and services.

Continuous Improvement
We believe that small ongoing improvements can result in major positive changes.

We build partnerships, trust, and friendships through open, clear, and honest communication. 

We always do the right thing. Our company is built around personal and professional integrity. In all that we do, we believe that our reputation is more important than any other short-term rewards.

We honor the diversity of ideas, people, and beliefs. Our diversity enables us to create solutions tailored to our clients/partners.

We are committed to innovation, evidence-based practice, and affordability.

We protect the confidentiality of information to which we have access in conducting our business.

We fully align with our clients’ problems and demonstrate how our products and/or services are the best choice.

Get to know us

Who we are 

As part of an ecosystem of smart, passionate, and talented people working on the most innovative companies and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, Eduthera Solutions will help you take significant steps towards improving, becoming more efficient, and creating a roadmap for maximizing your and/or your business potential.

Anastasios Chortis

Founder & Scientific Director

Anastasios is the driving force behind the company. He loves to participate in the research, development, and implementation process.

What we do

We are building a better tomorrow!

 Eduthera Solutions is committed to innovation, evidence-based practice, and affordability. We are purpose-driven and focus on building a better, fairer, healthier, and more accessible world for people with disabilities.


Evidence-Based Practice


How we do it 

Our process and steps to ensure a successful outcome:

1. Meeting

2. Research

3. Development

4. Implementation